Month: August 2018

STEM – Preparing for a Future

We are all aware of how technology has been making a huge impact on the way we live. From how we order food to how we shop and from how we seek entertainment to how we holiday. The field of education is no different. Considering the need for digitalization and its effect, the latest trend […]

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Common mistakes to avoid for a graphic designer

From a fresher at work to a pro-professional, we all make mistakes. There are certain graphic mistakes that can ambush a designer and cause intentional harm to a project. Stylus, graphic design company India, has assembled some critical mistakes that graphic designers need to keep an eye for: Vague understanding of instructions While it is […]

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Building an eLearning Portfolio – Essential Tips

As an e-learning professional, a good portfolio is imperative for your success, irrespective of the fact that you freelance or not.  To potential clients or employers, your portfolio is the mirror to all the achievements, expertise, skills and knowledge you have acquired over the years, helping them decide if you are a perfect match for […]

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Blog Trackback – Add readership and traffic to your blog

A blog trackback is adding reference of another blog in your blog. It is basically a silent promotion of multiple blogs in one and is followed by content writers in India to silently promote their write-ups. Also known as a blog conversation, trackbacks weave or link two or more blog entries together. For example, a […]

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Academic Proofreading Services

Stylus Solutions is a leading company in academic editing and proofreading services. To date we have successfully proofread academic writing of all types like, thesis, journals, research papers, journals and application letters. With knowledge of domain styles and expertise in correcting grammar errors, academic papers are assigned to academic editors and proofreaders. The editors work […]

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