Competency-based e-learning is a valuable addition to the already flourishing e-learning field, it gives learners an opportunity to hone their skills. Competency-based learning helps students learn and flourish at their own pace. It is entirely different from the traditional methods of learning and has resulted in increased potential and growth among learners.

The main purpose of competency-based learning is for learners to grow at their desired pace. Traditional learning methods force the learners to study without a thorough understanding of the content. Competency-based e-learning is suitable for a large group of learners enrolled for the same course, on the other hand it also works for one-to-one learning and interaction. Traditional learning methods force the students to follow strict guidelines and rules for better performance and excellence but competency-based e-learning has the exact opposite agenda. Learners are known to have benefitted from this kind of learning and are more prone to showcase confidence and interest to learn.

Competency-based learning follows a fairly different ideology where knowledge is not forced upon the learners. It takes a completely different path of letting the learners decide for themselves and giving them the liberty to choose what they deem as best for their own future. With the growing demand for e-learning courses, many organisations are seeking professional help from elearning companies in uae like Stylus Solutions based in Dubai.

Let’s look at some of the major benefits of including competency-based learning in e-learning programs:

Emphasis on proficiency

The major and the most noticeable advantage that competency-based learning offers is the confidence that it provides learners. These courses are designed and structured in a way that ensures the learners are efficient enough to move to the next stage. This method of learning helps learners reflect and correct their mistakes, if there are any. The major aim here is to give the learners sufficient opportunities to correct their mistakes and start over. It’s the best motivation and the best way to keep the young and growing minds engaged. With this method, learners will learn very early on that they are not able to catch up with the task at hand and that they might need more time.

Liberty to choose

Education is not accessible to many and the ones that have access to it often choose to leave it incomplete. Now, with the introduction of e-learning and competency-based learning it has certainly become easier to bridge this gap. Students can enjoy the privilege to learn and grow at their comfort without many restrictions. Competency-based learning is based on attaining proficiency and if the learners can demonstrate that then they are free to move on to the next phase of the course.

The course moves forward based on the comfort of the learner and is not set and established on rigid rules and restrictions.

A taste of real life experiences

Higher education helps learners brace themselves for the bigger challenges that life throws at them. With the help of competency-based learning, learners get the opportunity to work with challenges that will be applicable in real life too. Students are groomed to be self-sufficient to face whatever may come their way, as they are equipped in tackling real life challenges.

With competency-based learning students go through various stages to be thorough in their understanding of the particular subject, which is not based on exams or tests but the practical knowledge that they acquire. Students are made aware of the major concepts, which can be made practical due to application, this helps the students remember these concepts for a longer period of time. The learners also gain the ability to be well-versed with skills that can help them build their place in the real world. This knowledge along with the practical application of a solution will help them in their future.

Wider diversity

Competency-based learning addresses a wide variety of learning practices that recognise and revise the needs of learners completely. It focuses on the development of learners by covering subjects including communications, intrusions and sustenance. Creating an opportunity for learners to communicate and talk gives them the confidence and push that they desire. Learners become more cognizant about their choices. On the other hand, competency-based learning is a platform for instructors to provide learners with valuable insights and give them the required feedback. In this environment, learners get multiple moments of self-reflection based on this feedback and they are ready to make better choices in critical situations. The access to different learning materials is also wider in competency-based learning and learners have a timely and frequent routine of getting in contact with fellow learners to share their experiences and choices.

Focused on objectives and outcomes

Competency-based learning is not an unknown concept anymore. Learners choose the desired course with a purpose and they are destined to have the best results. Competency-based learning requires a lot of planning and detailed focus. Learners should avoid plunging into a course without proper research and resources. Prioritising the learning outcomes, competency-based learning sets an example for learners of every group to collaborate and study.

Organisations and institutions compete to refer learners into such courses and often neglect to address the little things surrounding it. Learning outcomes are created with a promise and are developed keeping in mind all experiences necessary for each learner’s personal and productive journey.

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