Month: January 2017

Designing Characters? Keep it Simple.

Character design can be a dubious beast to handle. Although, a significant number of great characters, popularized through cartoons, motion pictures and promotions, look basic; their simplicity grossly underplays the numerous hours of work that have gone into their improvement. Ask any graphic design company in India, the trickiest part in designing any character is […]

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Courseware Development – Off-screen Action

There is a crucial difference between a fruitful online Learning course and one that entirely misses its point and that is, “planning”. Top quality online Learning courseware that provides the best possible learning experience for the learners requires a good amount of groundwork, arrangement, and planning. This is all that’s important and needed even before […]

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Corporate Training – Reap Rich Rewards by Replacing Traditional Learning with E-Learning

“The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is to not train them and keep them.” – Henry Ford Corporate training is a vital part of any business’s success strategy. You need a capable and an inspired group of employees in the business to compete in the market effectively. Skilled workers, their dedication […]

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Blog Post Images – Lure For Readers

Trouble getting traffic through social media? Wondering what you are doing wrong? The single most important aspect of blogging is traffic generation. So, how do you achieve maximum number of visitors? One might say, that there are numerous ways to achieve this, such as using hashtags, keywords, taking polls, discussion forums and even offering discount […]

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