Month: April 2014

Different Types of Writers

The emergence of the internet has exploded the information and knowledge domain. Internet has become a worldwide stage for anyone who wants a little attention. And this is what made content writers to be kind of a necessity these days. In this digital age, when everybody in cyberspace is trying to sell you something or […]

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Content Writing vs. Technical Writing vs. Copywriting

In a given setting, a writer is expected to have a specialised skill-set like many others. With the frantically growing Internet, some terms are now more well-known than they were before. Terms such as copywriting, technical writing and content writing are just some of them. There are things that a copy writer can do but […]

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10 Top to be an Effective Writer

“Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.” – Mark Twain Being able to convey an effective message through words is the prime objective for any writer. So, when you sit down to put some words on a document, you can certainly make use of few basic tips. Tip […]

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