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Essential Tips for Creating Amazing Explainer Videos

Videos have become a part of our daily dose of entertainment. The more videos you watch, the more you realised that there are many variations and quality of videos. Explainer videos are short videos used to explain products or services for a brand. These are mostly seen on an official website, particularly on the Products […]

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Micro-content vs Long-form Content

As you may have noticed, a lot of people spend most of their time on mobile phones. After working for hours, many individuals like to watch or read something useful as well as entertaining, on their smartphones. This is the evolving social habit that you can need to keep in mind, when planning your next […]

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How to Create Effective e-Learning Content?

E-learning has become prominent in the field of learning and development. In past few years, you have probably seen it expanding at a great pace. With new technology and the Internet, you can now find infinite amount of information online, so creating content for an e-learning course can be a difficult task. If you want […]

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How to Create a Great Edited Volume?

If you have taken up the task to prepare an edited volume, there could be several reasons behind it. Maybe you want to drive attention to a topic you think is important, to establish your name in the field, or this is your way to mentor junior scholars. What’s important is that you first need […]

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Best Graphic Design Strategies for Your Brand

Whenever people talk about a specific company, the first thing that comes to our mind is the logo. But a brand is more than just a visual design. Branding involves making your company look credible while marketing its products or services. It is designed to help you grab the customer’s attention. A professional graphic design […]

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