Videos have become a part of our daily dose of entertainment. The more videos you watch, the more you realised that there are many variations and quality of videos. Explainer videos are short videos used to explain products or services for a brand. These are mostly seen on an official website, particularly on the Products page. These videos are very useful for people looking for solutions. They can also be used to present a message about your business in one or two minutes. These videos are made with the help of experts involved in video development to create appealing, informative videos for an audience.

If you want your explainer video to complement your brand, you need to pay attention to crucial aspect of the video development process. Let us look at a few of these aspects that you can implement.

Write an Engaging Script

A well-written script is the foundation for an stand-out video. Recognise your audience and write the script that you know will appeal to them. Always put your brand message in the first 30 seconds of the video. Include dialog that addresses to the viewers in the second person and show them how deeply you care. Take time to create a script and obtain feedback from experts to make sure it is engaging and easy to understand.

Aim for Audience Engagement

It is easy to show the features of your brand, but you should not forget about the audience’s engagement level. You are not making the video for yourself, but it is for the audience that your trying to reach. Always focus on how this product is going to change their life or help them solve some problem.

Keep it Short

You don’t want bore your audience with information that they are not interested in. The main purpose of an explainer video is to provide an overview of a product or service. Since our mind do not retain all the information at once, it’s better to keep the video focused on the central theme.

Get Good Quality Audio

Poor audio can ruin the entire video, no matter how well-made. A video with good production quality will keep the audience interested. If you can, invest in a professional audio consultant to help you. When you video features a good quality audio, there is a chance that the audience will listen to your message and offer positive feedback.

Choose Your Platform Carefully

You can increase the chances people watching your video, if you launched it on more platforms other than your website. A successful launch consists of three things, selecting an appropriate video platform, marketing the video and allow the viewer to offer feedback. Videos are easy to upload on video platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Remember, you need to place your explainer video on the platform that also caters to your audience.

With proper planning, you can save your time and money, to deliver measurable results. You can always hire a profession team to help you. There are many video development companies in Mumbai, such as Stylus Solutions who can help you to create an exciting explainer video for your business. For more information, you can visit our website at or mail us your queries at