Month: September 2016

Storyboard – Building a Blueprint for Your Content

Before any well-designed understanding of a task can be accomplished, sufficient description is a must. Using various images to sketch or create ideas about how a story can be told, leading to such descriptions is called Storyboarding.Content writers in India are in great demand. Good content writers try to put as much visual imagery as […]

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Chunk E-learning Content Efficiently

Chunking of information is an important theory used to make a successful design of an e-Learning course. As we probably are aware, the human mind has the ability to hold a limited measure of information at once. This is where content chunking comes into pictures as it can really change the way we learn and […]

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Why Corporate Training Is Going Mobile ?

Finding ways to improve business and reduce costs has become the number one imperative for companies. Conducting training for staff is usually a very significant investment that is unavoidable and it often consumes a big portion of available funds.elearning companies has a very great scope. Having said that, wouldn’t it be great if there was […]

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How to Create Attractive Video Simulations in Online Learning Courses

A simulation is the illustration or impersonation of the procedure of any learning activity in a successful way. Most e learning companies in Mumbai use simulations to help learners practice more and additionally permit them to take in the subject in a virtual domain. Here the “View-Attempt-Do” system is used, where the learners can watch […]

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