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6 Editing Hacks to Revolutionize your Writing

You may have an excellent concept to attract your audience, but do you have the writing skills to convey that idea seamlessly? Can you do that without making them read through your content more than once to simply understand what you’re actually trying to tell them? Most often than not it’s the small details that […]

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Different Types of Blogs and their Purpose

When you create a blog, it is very important to choose the right type of blog. The blog type that you choose is majorly dependent on your target audience. In today’s era of the Internet and social media, people can easily exchange ideas and get and give feedback from and to different people across the […]

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Subject Matter Experts and Their Role in Courseware

What are the basic things you look to accomplish through a course, be it online or offline? To further expand your current knowledge, right? Similarly, courseware development in India and around the world also primarily focuses on two basic aspects of training—to uncover the existing skills learners possess and to fill in any knowledge gaps. […]

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Are Courseware Books Enough?

“Education is the foundation of life” – so why restrict it? Courseware design plays a critical part in how education is received. Today, landline phones are not enough, music on radios are not enough – why should courseware books be enough? Today’s generation is all about doing things online. It’s time to move education online […]

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6 Points to Remember While Developing a Courseware

An effectively designed courseware essentially takes into account the following factors – the characteristics and profile of the targeted learners, learning objective and its outcome, content design and organisation, content clarity and lastly integration of assessment and feedback. An excellent courseware also includes ample opportunities for reinforcement and practice of the acquired knowledge. Developing an […]

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