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5 Myths About Online Education

Online education is increasingly popular among learners and is one of the most preferred learning methods. It enables you to learn from anywhere and anytime at your preferred pace. Learners choose online education because it is easy to understand and saves cost for books, stationery, travel, and so on. Organizations prefer using online education to […]

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Why You Should Integrate Multi-device eLearning in Your Courseware?

Many people prefer different learning media accessible on various devices, such as laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc. One of the major challenges an organization often faces is to create a course compatible with all the different types of platforms and compatible devices. Because of such different preferences, these organizations need to focus on multi-device compatible learning. […]

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5 Essential Questions to Ask When Creating Your Courseware

It requires a lot of research and brainstorming to get to effective courseware. There is a reason why many expert companies involved in courseware design in Mumbai, like Stylus Solutions, provide the professional help needed to design a course that is perfectly complementary to students’ requirements. First, you need to ask certain questions based on […]

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Creating Courseware with Better eLearning Engagement

Many social media platforms, such as Instagram, Pinterest, etc., are focused more on visual content. Social media has a vast customer base, and the various organizations often develop their marketing strategy to make use of it. To represent the brand uniquely, you need a solid visual branding strategy. An expert elearning content development companies in […]

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Best Strategies to Create a Comprehensive Courseware

If you are developing courseware, you need to create something valuable for the learners. Your course should be engaging and attractive to the learners. Many courseware development companies in India like Stylus Solutions can create highly interactive courses as per the need. You need to ensure that your course facilitates collaboration and offers a design […]

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