Many social media platforms, such as Instagram, Pinterest, etc., are focused more on visual content. Social media has a vast customer base, and the various organizations often develop their marketing strategy to make use of it.

To represent the brand uniquely, you need a solid visual branding strategy. An expert elearning content development companies in Australia like Stylus Solutions can create professional content that appeals to the visual senses effectively. This only helps your brand to grow and have a great online presence.

Your visual branding strategy can help you with your social media content, including profile photos, cover photos, and posts. Visual content is also known to boost the social media engagement, increasing your chances of acquiring more customers.

A professional graphic design company in Australia consistently focuses on four vital ingredients of the social media success, including font, colors, imagery, and layout. Let’s learn more about these ingredients in detail.

  • Apply consistent color palette

Have you ever noticed the familiarity in colors associated with a well-known brand? You can see that they use the same color scheme for their logos, text, and images.

Always consider three to four colors and use them consistently throughout your social media posts and marketing. Being consistent with colors helps consumers to become familiar with your brand.

The colors should also represent your brand. Use bright to cooler colors that reflect your products. Ensure consistency by remembering the 6-digit hex codes associated with your colors. By using the same hex-codes every time, you can use the same colors repeatedly.

  • Choose the correct font

Just like your color palette, the fonts that you use should represent your brand effectively. For instance, use at least three fonts and use them consistently throughout your posts. You can use one font to describe your title, the second font for subtitles, and the third font for the body text.

Get creative with your titles, as you may also choose a handwritten font. However, always make sure that your subtitles and body font are easily readable.

  • Use proper imagery and filters

In the case of imagery, go for the ones with the consistent theme. You can use different platforms for stock images or capture your photos while keeping with the same theme. Use filters to enhance the look of your social media posts. If you are using filters, stay consistent with your filters as they add familiarity to your graphics. There are many professional elearning content development in Australia with expertise in finding the right imagery and filters to complement a brand.

  • Boost your design speed through templates

You can use templates to create social media layouts easily.  A pre-defined template for your social media posts with a consistent logo helps your brand elements to work in harmony. Every social media platform has its own graphics dimensions. Manage your graphics as per the required dimensions, but keep your colors, fonts, and logo placement consistent.

These methods can certainly help you with branding and provide more engagement to your social media posts. You can also contact a elearning content development companies in Australia like Stylus Solutions to create highly engaging and unique social media visuals. This can only boost your engagement and make your campaign stand out as a brand. You can visit or mail at [email protected].