Month: May 2017

Top 5 Tips for Cover Page Design

A wise man once said, ‘Never judge a book by its cover.’ Yet, when most of us pick up a book from any rack, we seek the cover immediately. It’s an impulse which cannot be ignored. It is true that while we look at the book cover first, we may not judge it immediately. However, […]

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Branding – Your Company’s Visual Voice

The process of branding is not an easy one to accomplish. And ignoring it can be lethal for the business too, especially in today’s dog-eat-dog world. Not having a strong sense of uniqueness, position and target audience is like starting a presentation without any introductory slides. In this day and age, a consumer is swamped […]

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Organizations Embracing E-Learning

Two things are the most important in the corporate world. One is training and other is learning. With the ever-changing technology, learner’s expectations are evolving, too. Only a few years back, online learning was just about making it accessible and handy for the audience. But now, however, learners want more from the learning experience than […]

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Influence Your Readers with Your Blogs

It’s a common understanding that using few good topics, correct grammar without any spelling mistakes, and strong skills of article writing are enough for a great blog post. But if you really want to write a blog that’s most liked, hugely shared, and makes your readers give you a “Thumps Up”, instead of saying, “Meh”, […]

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