A wise man once said, ‘Never judge a book by its cover.’ Yet, when most of us pick up a book from any rack, we seek the cover immediately. It’s an impulse which cannot be ignored. It is true that while we look at the book cover first, we may not judge it immediately. However, in that fraction of second an impression is formed in our minds about the book. Thus, the cover page design of any book, including courseware books, holds a lot of importance. All professional K12 course development agencies, such as Stylus Solutions, ask their graphic designers to cater to the following five handy tips for cover page design.

Age appropriate

Ensure that the cover page of your book is designed according to the maturity level of your target audience. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use cartoons for adult learners. However, the depiction of the characters must strike interesting enough to intrigue the adult learners. Also, using dull colours for young learners is inadvisable.

Shouldn’t be cluttered

Ensure that your cover page doesn’t look too chaotic and jumbled by additions of unnecessary elements. Ensure that it incorporates the Title of the book, the name of the author, and the name of the publisher.

Do not repeat the font in the textbook

Avoid repeating the fonts used in the cover page inside the book. The cover page has to be distinct from the rest of the pages of the book. Repeating the font of the cover page, will make it loose its uniqueness and might make it disinteresting in the eyes of the learner.

No more than 2 fonts on the cover page

Another point to be kept in mind is not to overuse the fonts on the cover page. Use only one or two styles of fonts on the cover page. Over usage of different font styles will make your cover page appear confused and disorganised.

Hire a professional graphic designer

Courseware development agencies in Mumbai, prefer to hire professional graphic design company India, such as Stylus Solutions, to design the cover pages. These companies have expertise, time, and resources to design innovative and creative layouts for your courseware.

Cover pages form an integral part of your courseware books. Thus, its best to not take it lightly. Ensure to take the help of Stylus Solutions, one of the best courseware development agencies in Mumbai and you will be all set to go.