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On Overcoming the Challenges of Writing a Successful Blog

Blogging is an effective way of expressing your thoughts in words and broadcasting it to the world. Blogs are not about promoting businesses all the time. It’s also about sharing what you love while inspiring others. A blog is often simply an online diary where information is published at regular intervals. A blog can be […]

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Types of E-learning and Choosing the Right One

When was the last time you learned something and the Internet was not involved? E-learning has become an inseparable part of today’s education. Using the latest technology, you can now administer any form of training with much ease. This is applicable across various industries, beyond just education. For example, while operating an organisation, training your […]

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Top 5 Tips for Effective Academic Writing

When you are talking face-to-face it a friend, it is easier to convey your message. However, when it comes to writing—be it an essay, an assignment, or an academic paper—you need to focus more on grammar, punctuation, and relevancy of words. Academic writing focuses on being concise, formal, impersonal, and well structured. There are many […]

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Top 5 Courseware Design Trends of 2020

Everyday technology advances further ahead, and how we receive and send information must change along with it. During the Covid pandemic, we are required to be productive while working from home. Even schools and colleges have started teaching online. Our time in the lockdown has made us realise how technology can help to continue with […]

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Tips for Creating Good Micro Content

Are you someone who wants to increase your online presence? Do you want to advertise your brand on multiple platforms? Do you want to promote your services creatively and reach a wide variety of audience? If you own a business or are working as a marketing professional, constantly troubled by such questions, you may want […]

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