Month: November 2014

Start Blogging Now…We’ll Tell You How…

Blog, blogging, blogger are the words that have taken the world by storm. It has changed the way businesses do marketing and individuals connect. Blogging has transformed the way people express their opinions, ideas and thoughts on the Internet. From just a hobby to serious income each month, blogging has come a long way. So […]

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Bitten By The Blogomania Bug?

The new century word “blog” was introduced in the Oxford dictionary only in the 1990s. A couple of decades ago, the word blog did not exist. Today, there are about 150 million blogs and people from all across the world share this unique platform to network, exchange information and express feelings. A general perception is […]

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Write For Your Target Audience

How often have you had someone tell you – “Please write as per the TA”? TA? That’s Target Audience. Being professional content writers in Mumbai, you don’t write to please yourself. You write for your TA. TA refers to the end readers who will read your content… for whom the content is intended. Whether you […]

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