In a short span of time, online learning is gaining the credibility of classroom learning, making learning easier for everyone. Having advanced corporate eLearning solutions is the key to having a skilled workforce. Thus, organizations are relying on eLearning platforms to provide employee training.

While custom eLearning solutions companies are easily available, quality should never be compromised. Indian eLearning companies are booming rapidly and are gaining an incredible reputation worldwide for delivering quality solutions at a reasonable cost.

So what points must one consider while shortlisting custom eLearning solutions companies?

  • What is my budget?
  • What is my TAT?
  • What quality of output is required?
  • Which company is quick to respond to my queries?
  • Who has proactive suggestions to provide?
  • Will I receive post-delivery support?

While these are common questions that come to mind, most companies struggle most with the first question – how do I get everything within my budget? At this point, it is good to consider Indian eLearning companies, which deliver quality products at competitive rates. Here are some reasons why Indian eLearning companies are gaining popularity for e-learning development.

Cost Effective Solutions

Manpower cost differs from country to country, which is why it is a good option to consider outsourcing your requirements overseas. While you can easily find an eLearning company in New York, the manpower cost is much higher than in other countries. In India, the manpower cost is comparatively low. In addition, other overhead costs, such as rentals, equipment, electricity, transport, etc. are also less compared to advanced countries, thus allowing them to provide quality solutions at a lesser cost. Today, many American companies have appointed Indian companies as their vendor partners for multiple needs. E-learning is one such need that is constantly being outsourced to India for cost-effective solutions.

Access to Skilled Manpower

Today, India is ranked among the most populated countries, making manpower availability easy. Also, India is a fast-developing country with a large number of people completing their education in various fields. Technology is one such field gaining importance, with a large number of people undertaking various technical certifications. The availability of Instructional Designers is also on the increase, making it easier to develop well-visualized e-learning courses. The overall availability of manpower for custom eLearning development is ever-increasing, making it easy to hire a team to deliver quality solutions.

Technical Knowledge

Many Indian personalities, such as Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Shantanu Narayen, etc. have held key positions in well-known IT companies. Also, commonly used apps, such as Hike messenger, LinkedIn Pulse, Signeasy, etc. were developed by Indian personalities. Today, a lot of IT professionals from India travel overseas to share their technical knowledge and expertise with companies, such as Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, etc. Thus, you can be sure to find technically sound experts in India who can not only develop rapid e-learning courses but can also customize them through custom coding and designing. As a result, you can be sure of receiving high-end custom e-learning courses by partnering with Indian eLearning companies.

Scalable Team

eLearning course development is a lengthy process that goes through multiple stages, such as storyboarding, editing, voice recording, integration, custom scripting, and quality assurance. Each stage requires a different skill set. Thus collating a team for custom eLearning development can be a daunting task. This is where Indian eLearning companies are at an advantage as they have access to a vast pool of quality resources for each stage of e-learning development. It is not only easy to scale up your existing team by partnering with Indian e-learning vendors, but you can also quickly replace a resource who may not be able to continue on the project. Thus, Indian eLearning companies are a great option to develop quick and quality e-learning courses in large numbers without compromising on delivery plans.


With the ever-increasing global demand for Indian products and services, companies hire a professional workforce who are capable of not only delivering quality but are also good at communication and project management. Indian companies are also constantly investing in training programs regarding ethics and values, communication, fair trade practices, etc. to empower their workforce with professional skills.

Post-Delivery Support

Most companies mark their projects as complete on delivery of the product or service, however, Indian eLearning companies understand that there may be some feedback and fixing required once the courses are rolled out to the learners. They are quick to understand the challenges faced and provide quick solutions that ensure that your training plans are not interrupted.

Improved ROI

Indian eLearning companies provide you with:

  1. Great corporate training solutions
  2. Reduced cost of development
  3. Timely delivery
  4. Support post delivery

These four together guarantee an increase in ROI resulting in happy and repeating customers.