Month: December 2016

Scaling up the Global Standards with a Good Logo

Starting up a new business can be very expensive. This is maybe one reason why numerous entrepreneurs, particularly those setting up a small-scale business, tend to delay putting resources into professionally-made promoting materials and logo designs by graphic design companies in India. Most business owners want to wait till they get a bigger customer base […]

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Outsourcing Your ELearning Activities

In eLearning, content development or courseware development is an important task. But the real question is, should you pay an expert or develop it yourself? Other than the fact that there are many convincing reasons to outsource, there are definitely plenty of possible vendors too for you to engage with. As a convenient, effective, lower […]

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Mobile Platform For Corporate Learners

Learning whilst at work has become one of the top needs of most associations who need to keep their staff up-to-date of the most recent trends in their industry and follow every one of its standards. While the requirement for continuous workplace learning is constant and clear, the methods for delivering learning are evolving. Gone […]

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Make Your Web Presence Through Good Content Writing

People use internet for almost everything these days! Form products and services to places and current affairs, you name it, and internet has answers to every question. This is where good content places a vital role. Content writing in India is not just a thread of texts. Well-written content has numerous advantages. It interests search […]

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Engaging Learning through Instructional Designing

For a successful learning experience and curriculum development, instructional designing should be well-thought-out. Imagine that your teacher, who is a science genius and a subject matter expert, is trying to pass on all the information from his/her brain to yours. Time and again you find yourself clueless, because your teacher probably hasn’t considered instructional design. […]

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