Month: August 2016

Underpin your Market Spot with Brand Consistency

A brand is your organization’s marketing identity. It offers you some assistance in distinguishing from other market players who offer the similar services and products as you. An organization’s brand identity is a lot more than just a logo. It is deep-rooted in memorable slogans, colour palettes, design elements, packaging, and you’re marketing voice and […]

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Connect Through Blogging

Today, people don’t really have enough time or patience to read boring content that they can’t enjoy. So how exactly can you make your content interesting for the readers? First and foremost, tell a story! This is what many blog writers in Mumbai do to make their content more interesting. When your content has a […]

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Gain a Competitive Advantage through Rebranding

The business world is continually evolving and changing. Organizations go through advertising, marketing campaigns and product expansion to stay pertinent. Sadly those endeavours are not always enough to keep up. Established organizations might need to accept that their image and brand is old-fashioned. Today, no business can afford to rely on its glories. Your business […]

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Plagiarism – A Crime

We have come across the term ‘plagiarism’ a lot many times. As writers we also know the types of plagiarisms, like patch-work, global, incremental, the ghost-writer, photocopy, potluck paper and self-plagiarism. But do we know what an ‘author’ means? As an Indian, let me refer to the Copyright Act of India. The Copyright Act of […]

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Guidelines for Writing Instructional and Training Material

Writing is never easy. As said by Ernest Hemingway, “Easy writing makes hard reading.” Being a writer, you need to do the hard work so your publisher doesn’t need to. And if it’s true that all types of composing are troublesome, it’s also true that every sort of composing exhibits its own particular difficulties. That […]

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