Month: February 2019

Trends in academic writing

Creating academic content is easier than the other types of content as there is a defined flow to be followed. But with advancing technology and the ease of access to study material online as well as offline, students as well as teachers have a ton of options to choose from. So it doesn’t take much […]

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Running out of Blog ideas?

Regularly generating awesome content ideas is one of the toughest challenges bloggers face. Every blogger, no matter how good faces a writer’s block after a point. It is only natural to be exhausted of ideas especially if you are consistent with blogging for your business. There can only be so much that you can think […]

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Five Graphic Designing Moves that will stay in Vogue in 2019

If you want to add some flair to your designs, swaying in the audience in your favour check out the five major trends that will make it a reality, coupled with the help of a great graphic design company in India. Strong Typography However insignificant font choice may seem, a great designer knows that fonts […]

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Creating an Effective Courseware

Courseware development in Mumbai has always been on the rise with an effort to impart knowledge in the best possible way. Course developers working on K12 course development play an integral role in creating a reliable courseware for young learners. Students, today, need challenging subject matter that makes them expand their knowledge. The norms are […]

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Blended Learning

While e learning companies in Mumbai are gaining importance because of the ever increasing need for online training material, the old school method of training in classrooms is not yet totally replaced. Can it be? Well, let’s dive into this thought. Where are we today on the learning paradigm? Corporates are now converting most of […]

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