Courseware development in Mumbai has always been on the rise with an effort to impart knowledge in the best possible way. Course developers working on K12 course development play an integral role in creating a reliable courseware for young learners. Students, today, need challenging subject matter that makes them expand their knowledge. The norms are crucial as they maximize the usefulness of the educational product. It involves conferring to a whole set of norms.


Let us now go through some of these essential norms.

Adhering to the Latest Syllabus

This is the primary requisite for a courseware writer. Changes are regularly made in any syllabus which, makes it necessary to be constantly updated. Students especially school children rely completely on the subject matter provided in their books they refer for learning. As writers it is our responsibility to create subject matter keeping in mind that it covers all the essentials of the updated syllabus and ensure that our readers, students or teachers, completely reap the benefits of knowledge.


Grammatically Correct Content

While reading any particular document it is easier to go through it if it is completely error-free. Numerous grammatical or typing blunders can ruin the entire reading experience. A student might blindly follow, not realising there is an error and will learn it the wrong way. Proper focus has to be put on ensuring that the content is grammatically correct and void of trivialities such as, typing errors. Ensuring that the subject matter is precise and covers the required domains of the syllabus is essential. Too-detailed or too-less information hinders with the purpose of the syllabus, which is to provide adequate comprehendible information.


Importance of Design

An interesting design and layout adds to the aestheticism of a book. Although our focus is completely on the content we cannot deny the appeal an attractive layout brings about, especially for younger minds. This is where a good courseware design comes into the picture. A good content is not just enough and needs to supported by an appealing courseware design. Colours brighten up the look of the book and information bifurcated in the form of tables and infographics facilitates better understanding. Moreover, it breaks the monotony and creates content consisting not just words. Engaging activities and interesting know how facts set the book apart from the rest and paves an easy path to imbibe knowledge from such a book.


Standardization is the Key

The maintenance of uniformity throughout the book is ideal. If a certain format is being followed for labelling, it is ideal to follow it throughout. If one heading is starting with a verb it is fitting to continue with it. Uniformity in flow ensures maximum ease for a learner. Changing figure references for diagrams poses abruptly acts as an unnecessary issue and is an incompetent mistake on the part of the writer. Maintenance of uniform format throughout refines the content, increasing its possibility of being considered as a good read.


Read, Re-Read and Read Again

Finally creating the content does not ensure the completion of a writer’s duties. No matter how careful, mistakes happen and they can be as silly as missing out on any of the requisites above. So read, re-read and read again is the mantra which should be constantly ringing on every knowledge contributor’s mind. A thorough examination is crucial at all levels – after creation of a manuscript, after it being rolled out in format and before it finally goes in for printing. This enables the removal of the smallest blunders and provides a 99% error free document. Now isn’t that a fact of joy for a reader and intense self-satisfaction for a writer!