If you want to add some flair to your designs, swaying in the audience in your favour check out the five major trends that will make it a reality, coupled with the help of a great graphic design company in India.

  1. Strong Typography

However insignificant font choice may seem, a great designer knows that fonts matter. Fonts can make or break an infographic. A good font choice visually communicates and effortlessly delivers the reader an impactful message. It can make a reader with flickering eyes to stop and notice. Bold fonts are a norm for Adidas as observed across all of their marketing campaigns. Bold fonts scream strength and confidence, while making its presence felt. This year the bold font will be used to project strength and individuality especially if the design has to captivate a viewer’s attention in a matter of seconds. Our dedicated designers at Stylus Solutions, a Newsletter Design Company in Mumbai, do not underestimate the gravity of even fonts in a design.


  1. Asymmetrical Approach

Although difficult to create, asymmetrical designs are now an emerging favourite among designers. The complexity in asymmetry demands attention piquing the viewer’s interest. It pulls away from the safe predictable conventional designs and stands on its own individuality. Designers can choose between a symmetrical arrangement and an asymmetrical arrangement. to tactfully space elements in a way that appeals the concerned audience. It is intended to disturb the balance of elements in the design and bring about an eye-catching flaw. Taking an asymmetrical approach requires effort and time but the end result is a memorable product.


  1. Minimalism

Enter the minimalistic design trend.

Minimalism is narrowing down the design to the essentials. A clear cut form of marketing requires pushing only the bare components to the forefront while excluding the unnecessary clutter. Ironically, as any up-to-date graphic design company in Mumbai would be aware of, the past trends of loud colours, complicated abstract visuals, intense and bright palettes are now being dominated by a minimalistic approach. Posters of Nike are minimalistic yet powerful.



  1. Metallic Accents

Metallic colours add a sense of luxury and make the product in question look pricey. Metal brings along with it subtle sophistication. Metallics blend boldly with majority of colours and patterns. Metallics with their minimalist accents have been drawing popularity in visual brand design. Add a little lustre to your designs with metallic neutrals.


  1. Fluid Effect

Water surface textures add a natural touch to the graphics making it appear lively and dynamic. The liquid touch gives more freedom to choose the font style and effects. Liquid elements will be a part of web designs as well. The free movement of liquids inspires the designers to shape unique patterns and textures making the design seem dreamy and attractive. The fluid effect in designs along with floating elements helps develop an aura of mystique.

The design domain will continue to focus more on originality and the distinctiveness of brands and their target audiences. Make 2019 the year you pick the right trends and unleash your creativity! Trends in graphic designing keep evolving with time and staying ahead in the race to be an exceptional graphic design company in Mumbai will require always being a step ahead while catching up with the wavering trends.