Month: April 2019

6 Points to Remember While Developing a Courseware

An effectively designed courseware essentially takes into account the following factors – the characteristics and profile of the targeted learners, learning objective and its outcome, content design and organisation, content clarity and lastly integration of assessment and feedback. An excellent courseware also includes ample opportunities for reinforcement and practice of the acquired knowledge. Developing an […]

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Making Copy Editing a Cake Walk

When writing something such as a research paper, thesis or any academic book, you need to focus on the quality and quantity of your research. In this process, punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc. may get overlooked. However miniscule these may seem to you, they do affect your credibility as a writer. Effective editing requires you to […]

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Do’s & Don’ts of E-Learning

“We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning.” – Elliot Masie E-learning or internet based learning can be defined as education for the masses over the internet, automatically placing power in the hands of an e learning developer.  E-learning content development companies in Mumbai cater to the expectation of learners to make […]

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Influence of Blogging in Business

Are you an entrepreneur looking forward to start your business? Or have you already been a part of the trade and are considering options for roping in higher moolah? Then you are definitely aware of the benefits of a cracking idea coupled with a befitting marketing stratagem. Content writers in India are aware of business […]

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Unfolding the Entrepreneurial Journey in an Interview with HelloPost

Unfolding the Entrepreneurial Journey in an Interview with HelloPost Stylus Solutions Pvt. Ltd., housing some of the best content writers in India, is an entrepreneurial venture started off by Delnaaz Edulji ten years back and since then there has been no looking back on this exciting journey. HelloPost walks you through this woman’s entrepreneurial flight […]

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