Month: May 2016

Cultivate Your Blog Writing Abilities

Without a doubt anybody can compose a blog, yet that shouldn’t lead you to the conclusion that anybody can compose an awesome blog. Most writers – be it blog writers in Mumbai or New York, have an issue to comprehend what the x-factor is; they don’t know how to draw in their audiences and make […]

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Brochure/Leaflet – A Marketing Tool

With more organizations swinging to Internet promotion and advertising, is there still a spot for the modest brochure inside of your marketing arsenal? What is the future for a graphic design company in India? Leaflets frame a fundamental part of the customary printed marketing security, notwithstanding the developing ubiquity of online marketing activities. A well […]

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Understanding the Process of Courseware Development

Courseware writers/developers/reviewers work in different environment settings. They can work in schools, colleges and even carve a niche for themselves in e-Learning companies for courseware and curriculam development as the education industry gains popularity.. This article will discuss the different stages of courseware development in any given environmental setup. These stages are: Doing Research Before […]

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E-learning Course with a Human Touch

In the real world, what makes you remember something the most and that stays with you for a longer period? Is it a story that you hear or a story that you have seen or experience first-hand? It’s the same with e-learning. It’s often an inspired graphic or pictorial component or animation that stays in […]

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