E-learning Course with a Human Touch

In the real world, what makes you remember something the most and that stays with you for a longer period? Is it a story that you hear or a story that you have seen or experience first-hand?

It’s the same with e-learning. It’s often an inspired graphic or pictorial component or animation that stays in your mind the longest.

Learning can be enhanced with the help of quirky graphics and engaging visualisations especially if you are learning complex corporate material that is difficult to grasp through words alone. Simply using a good e-learning platform isn’t sufficient. It is only fruitful if we successfully manage to motivate and engage your learners. And in order to do that we have to take into count, some of the key factors that can influence the interest and involvement of your employees.

Regardless of the goals, be it preparing new employees or professional improvement, e-learning is picking up fame around the world. This has given impetus to many elearning companies at a global level including e learning companies in India.

Visual elements in the e-learning course helps understand the point better and stay in your mind longer.

If you want someone to learn effectively, then making their learning experience personal is the key. For instance, to get maximum participation from the learners, encourage them to use their nicknames/names/profile pictures to play as key characters. Seeing themselves in the scenarios’ of the course is more powerful than seeing a third-party character.

Humour is another element that works great to get the learners interested in taking the e-leaning program. It might not be appropriate in every situation but is certainly a useful weapon which is seldom underutilised in learning.

Eventually, if you enjoy the course, you are more likely to be interested and engaged in what the course has to offer.

Regardless of what elements you use for effective e-learning, chunking the information in small portions is vital. Breaking down information into small chunks makes difficult information seems easier to follow and understand, simply by putting them into easy steps.

Next is praising the learner at every stage of learning. Who doesn’t like a pat on the back, once a while? So keep praising, if you want learners to learn. Give them brownie points and achievement-tags, like “You are awesome”, “You are very intelligent”, “You are a fast learner”, etc., by giving them these achievement-tags and consistently letting them know that they are doing well, helps boost their confidence and level of interest too.

Visualisation! A key element that makes e-learning fun. Using series of unexpected exiting and fun pop-ups will make the learning exciting. Human brains are stimulated by unexpected and new activities within a predictable routine.

So next time you create a course for your learners ask yourselves this, do you want them to simply take-in information or want them to engage, interact, and demonstrate their learning that will lead to better knowledge retention and competence?