Month: June 2018

What creates a brand other than its amazing logo?

A logo is not a brand but its identity mark through which a consumer relates to the company. While the brand is an assessment of a consumer about a company or a person, based on its quality of products, benefits and distinctiveness. The attributes of a logo can’t possibly make a company successful or unsuccessful, […]

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Modern Trends in Education

“Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.” Classroom memories are the most cherished memories. From the dedicated first benchers to the naughtiest last benchers, from eating while the teacher is teaching to escaping the class unnoticed. Who will ever forget them? Well, the education has system has changed by leaps and bounds. The intrusion […]

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Importance of Academic Editing and Proofreading

How many times have you turned in your final papers only to realise that you forgot to edit and proofread it? If only, there were dedicated services to edit and proofread academic documents. The good news is that academic editing and proofreading services with Stylus Solutions, are only a click away and extremely affordable too. […]

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Common Transcription Errors

While performing professional transcription services, committing some common mistakes happens to be the part and parcel of the whole process. With no apparent fault, the end results frequently come erroneous to the astonishment of the transcriptionist. During transcribing, the transcriptionist fails to give attention to some miniature detail, which somehow makes a big difference and […]

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5 Key Things to Do before Creating an E-learning Course

So you are all set for a new e-learning project. You have met the client, discussed the project, shared your samples and done everything that you must to acquire the project. The client is so pleased with your experience and skills that he wants to start right off! But wait, you need to do your […]

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