“Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.”

Classroom memories are the most cherished memories. From the dedicated first benchers to the naughtiest last benchers, from eating while the teacher is teaching to escaping the class unnoticed. Who will ever forget them?

Well, the education has system has changed by leaps and bounds. The intrusion of technology has led to major changes in the way education is imparted and absorbed; from toddlers in kindergarten to professionals at various management levels.

Following are some notable changes in the recent past.

1. eLearning

To upgrade the quality of education and make it accessible to those who cannot be physically present, educational institutes are resorting to self-paced learning, popularly known as eLearning. The proliferation of Internet into our lives through affordable devices have redefined learning. Learning anything from anywhere and anytime is a step closer to universal education.

2. Blended Learning

Theory based-learning in classrooms along with real-life application, followed by sessions to discuss the challenges is called blended learning. As the name suggests, blended learning is a mode of learning that skillfully combines print and digital modes to derive at teacher-friendly and easy-to-comprehend K12 course development for learners at various levels.

3. Social Learning

How many of us have learnt concepts through group studies? At some point or another, we all have. Social learning involves a large group of students coming together and helping each other to learn a subject. These students can belong to various parts of the world and are connected to one another through the Internet.

4. Assessments

Questions that follow at the end of a unit/module are called assessments. Gone are the days when assessments only focused on filling a few blanks and writing true or false. Since gauging the learners’ understanding mostly happens through assessments, the latest in education witnessed a trend that focused on creating a learnometer that also influenced the way moderators conducted classes, both online and offline for the learners.

5. Focus on teacher development

Lack of trained teachers acts as a major barrier to achieve the desired results from education. Another latest trend is to focus on training and upliftment of teachers through various classroom and online trainings given the fact that teachers are the pillars in the education system.

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