How many times have you turned in your final papers only to realise that you forgot to edit and proofread it? If only, there were dedicated services to edit and proofread academic documents. The good news is that academic editing and proofreading services with Stylus Solutions, are only a click away and extremely affordable too.

During the previous year, Stylus undertook several projects in the aforesaid domain. This included 1500+ pages of editing academic content of Participant Handbook, Teacher’s Guide and Training Delivery Plan for a prominent education institute. Our team of dedicated editors ensured that the content was organized and placed in a simple to complex format. In addition, content was also checked for its cohesiveness and structure. Once the content was complete our enthusiastic proofreaders sprung to action to amend language and grammar.

Another project put our academic editing services to test and involved editing 400+ pages of academic publication in Human Resources, Financial Management and Marketing for a Master’s program. This was well-delivered through the sharp editing and proofreading skills of experts at Stylus.

All areas of academia like papers, reports, research, theses, conferences, presentations, lectures, letters, studies, surveys and essays need to be edited and proofread.

Our academic and scientific proofreaders are qualified to examine and treat all types of documents and polish them to perfection. If you are working on a document and need academic editing services, feel free to contact us and for hassle free services.