Month: July 2017

Courseware Development – Top 10 Bloopers

Referring to the Suez Canal as Sewage Area, Burma as Bhramadesh, Mahatma Gandhi as Gandi, and Africans as Negros. These are some of the biggest blunders found in courseware books. There are many dos and don’ts for developing courseware books. Even if we follow all of these tips, we still tend to miss out on […]

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5 Tips to be a Successful Designer

An increasing number of people are opting for graphic designing as a career. The skills required may range from being specific to vector art to being an all-rounder with skills in photography, textures, graphics, animations, etc. This differs from company to company. Designers are required in industries like Advertisement, Print, Web designing etc. They must […]

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Top 5 Advantages of Simulated Learning

Do you want to give your learners the ‘real-world experience’ while learning, but still want to play safe? Then, let’s motivate the learners to learn through simulations. But, what is simulation? The Instructional Design experts at Stylus Solutions, one of the best firms for e-learning content development in Mumbai, explain that simulation is a skill-based […]

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Right Words in the Right Place

The most effective success strategy for every business is to take smart, and swift financial decisions. Often, this means sparing cash by reducing on pointless expenses and coming up with solutions that have minimal effect on their financial plans. There are a few occasions, however, in which the economical solution may end up costing the […]

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