Month: September 2014

Importance Of Flow In Writing

You may often hear people say, “Your write-up don’t quite have, ummm… how do I say it…a certain flow.”  It is not uncommon for a writer to receive this kind of critique. You can belong to the team of blog writers in Mumbai, New York, Dubai, Sydney, or any other part of the world; flow […]

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Does My Company Need A Content Writer?

There are many content writers in Mumbai, technical writers in Mumbai, freelance content writers in Mumbai, freelance technical writers, but does your company really need one? Your company’s website represents one of the best and most important opportunities you have to offer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to write it yourself. Many small […]

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The 5 Cs Of Writing

No two writers can write the exact same words… unless it’s copied of course! It is different for writers – each writer has their own style and thought process. With each piece, not only do the writers have to bring something new to the table, but also ensure that the content is delivered in the […]

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