Month: November 2018

Using Blooms Taxonomy in Education

  What is a taxonomy? Does this fancy word scare you? Should it? We say no. Taxonomy, in layman’s term, simply means classification and we have all used taxonomy at least once in our lives. Let me relate with a simple example. Have you shopped for shoes/clothes online? The initial sort by gender, age, and […]

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Digital Marketing Trends of the Season

India is going digital. In fact our world has never been this digitalized ever before. Thanks to the penetration of the internet and affordable devices, we have all fallen in love with the digital world and the virtual world it tags along. With more and more people spending a considerable portion of their time on […]

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Creating great animations for e-learning

Many experts have mixed views about animation as an effective elearning medium. Many even think that it undermines the value of the learning experience. The truth, however, is that animations gives life to your content because they visually communicate your idea to the audience. They make your elearning course more interesting by adding the entertainment […]

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Reasons to Outsource your Content

In a continuous changing scenario of marketing strategies in leading companies, personalised marketing has emerged as the top trend driving the digital marketing across countries like India, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Personalised content marketing not only help increase brand awareness but also gives a good measure of the buying habits and behavioural data of […]

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