India is going digital. In fact our world has never been this digitalized ever before. Thanks to the penetration of the internet and affordable devices, we have all fallen in love with the digital world and the virtual world it tags along.
With more and more people spending a considerable portion of their time on digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, etc., marketing companies visualize this as a huge opportunity to tap potential customers.

Digital progress is witnessed continuously keeping every dynamic graphic design company in India occupied. In this article we will talk about the digital marketing trends of the season.
1. Live video broadcasting
The idea to interact with customers real time is fascinating and graphic design companies in India are leaving no stone unturned to tap this feature to its potential. The core idea is to create brand awareness, boost customer engagement on live platforms and increase happy conversations. Live video broadcasting can also be wisely used to give the customers a first-hand feel of all the backhand hard work that runs a business, share interviews and DIY videos if any.
2. Augmented reality
Pokémon Go and a dancing hot dog turned the digital world upside down, well almost! Augmented reality brings elements of the virtual world into the real world. Brands are using augmented reality to help consumers visualize their purchase even before actually paying for it. For instance, a brand selling furniture will use augmented reality to help you place a scaled version of a dining table in your dining area to see how it looks.
3. Snapchat and Instagram Stories
Snapchat and Instagram are helping consumers experience a brand they love. Interesting features like stories and filters have caught the attention of more than 500+ million young users of these apps worldwide. Brands, writers and celebs are now employing Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter to share their stories and create brand awareness like never before.

4. Market Automation
Do you receive regular emails, notifications and messages from popular shopping portals? This is done to nurture prospective clients and pamper current customers. Market automation generates weighty new revenues for brands and serves as an excellent return on the capital invested.
5. Personalized video ads
As a regular online shopper, I have always received emails that begin with greetings using my first name. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I viewed a video advert that started with a broad smile and a personalized good morning message.
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