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6 Editing Hacks to Revolutionize your Writing

You may have an excellent concept to attract your audience, but do you have the writing skills to convey that idea seamlessly? Can you do that without making them read through your content more than once to simply understand what you’re actually trying to tell them? Most often than not it’s the small details that […]

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Proofreading – Its Role in Shaping Academic Content

Before submitting any written material, be it a research paper, academic content, blogs or e-mails, it is necessary to carefully check it for grammar and punctuation. Proofreading is the final stage before you are ready to present your content to the readers. This process ensures that your content is error-free. Proofreading your document not only […]

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Making Copy Editing a Cake Walk

When writing something such as a research paper, thesis or any academic book, you need to focus on the quality and quantity of your research. In this process, punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc. may get overlooked. However miniscule these may seem to you, they do affect your credibility as a writer. Effective editing requires you to […]

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Trends in academic writing

Creating academic content is easier than the other types of content as there is a defined flow to be followed. But with advancing technology and the ease of access to study material online as well as offline, students as well as teachers have a ton of options to choose from. So it doesn’t take much […]

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