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Micro-Learning – The Icing on the Cake

Are you tired of loading lengthy modules that you need to complete for your appraisals or studies?  Are you used to seeing the unwelcome blank screen in place of your prized module due to poor network coverage and the sheer size of the files? Then fret not, micro-learning is the perfect fix for you. A […]

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Are Courseware Books Enough?

“Education is the foundation of life” – so why restrict it? Courseware design plays a critical part in how education is received. Today, landline phones are not enough, music on radios are not enough – why should courseware books be enough? Today’s generation is all about doing things online. It’s time to move education online […]

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How to Choose the Tone of your Blog?

With the increasing number of freelance blog writers in Mumbai, it is important to address a few important challenges one faces while writing a blog. Each writer has their own style of writing. But can one style fit all? No – it is important to change your style/tone of writing based on the nature of […]

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Branding – Is my company ready for it?

Do you dress yourself before stepping out from home? Why so? You do it to present yourself better in public – to create a positive opinion about yourself. The same is essential for your company… it’s called Branding! Since it is an essential part of business, its ideal you hire a professional graphic design company […]

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6 Points to Remember While Developing a Courseware

An effectively designed courseware essentially takes into account the following factors – the characteristics and profile of the targeted learners, learning objective and its outcome, content design and organisation, content clarity and lastly integration of assessment and feedback. An excellent courseware also includes ample opportunities for reinforcement and practice of the acquired knowledge. Developing an […]

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