With the increasing number of freelance blog writers in Mumbai, it is important to address a few important challenges one faces while writing a blog.

Each writer has their own style of writing. But can one style fit all? No – it is important to change your style/tone of writing based on the nature of the topic and the audience you are catering to. If you need blogs across different industries, its best to approach content writing companies in Mumbai, who would usually have an array of writers who can write articles in different tones.

Let’s list the commonly used tone of writing and identify their usage.

Formal Tone

This style of writing requires you to follow very specific usage of words and keep the content short and crisp. Some of the rules to follow while writing formal blogs are:

  • Do not use slang
  • Be politically correct
  • Use active voice
  • Write short sentences that are technically correct
  • Be clear and specific

Formal tone of writing is used to communicate more serious topics like finance, insurance, health care, etc. These blogs are also usually targeted to the experts in the industry. While you may be required to use industry specific technical terms in your blog, avoid using heavy vocabulary.

Casual/Colloquial Tone

This style of writing is more casual. You need not worry about the active voice or usage of slang. You can also take the liberty of explaining a topic in detail using examples. These blogs can be little more elaborative than the formal ones. You can use word that you use in your day-to-day life like “I ain’t gonna miss this”. If you have to write this in formal tone, you would say “I will not miss this”.

Informal tone of writing is usually used for writing reviews. They can also be used for writing blogs for the public, rather than industry experts. For example, if you are writing a finance blog for a layman, you would rather keep it casual so that it is light to read and quick to understand.

Conversational Tone

These blogs are most fun to write, at least for me J

Here the you write as if you are talking to the person. List and address the common questions and challenges, provide tips, keep the writing casual, yet crisp. Here, you write questions that provoke your reader to think and almost respond. Throughout the blog, you keep the reader engaged through questions, opinions, or even a small quick sentence to crack them up… yes, you can be a little funny… make them laugh… make it enjoyable. You usually end the blog with a thought for the reader to ponder upon. These are targeted more towards Lifestyle related blogs, like beauty, fashion, jewelry, etc.

Vocabulary Rich Tone

While it is advised to usually keep your blogs simple through simple choice of vocabulary, a few words can be peppered around in all types of blogs. However, some specific blogs aimed at HNI may require use of heavy vocabulary to keep the reader interested and feel connected. These again cater to industries like fashion and lifestyle, where the blogs are catered to the experts in the industry.

So, each time you write a blog, do choose the tone of writing wisely to make a quick connect with your audience.

Here’s a quick question to all the content writers in India – Can you guess the tone of this blog? 😉