Do you dress yourself before stepping out from home? Why so? You do it to present yourself better in public – to create a positive opinion about yourself. The same is essential for your company… it’s called Branding! Since it is an essential part of business, its ideal you hire a professional graphic design company in Mumbai to do the best. But are you ready for the finances? What does branding include? Let’s delve into these questions.

So answer this – do you hire a professional designer/beautician to dress you up every time you step out of home? No. But would you hire one for your wedding? Yes. Just like its costs much to dress up for your wedding, professional branding requires investment and readiness. Are you ready? If not, you can initially begin with the basics yourself – like we dress ourselves in everyday life. Doing a half-hearted job in the name of branding can actually create a negative image, just like loud makeup or poor dressing sense. To understand the kind of expenses involved, let’s understand what branding entails.

What does Branding Include?

Branding decides the look and feel of your company in public. The two key elements to that include graphics and content that is tailored for your company. Watch out for it!

The following items can be considered for basic branding:

  • Logo
  • Visiting Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Envelopes
  • Website and
  • Brochure

The above elements are essential to get you started as a company. Every start-up should be ready to invest in the above minimal branding requirements. These define the character of your company. The colors selected are essential in defining your look and these need to be standardized across all branding material. For example, the colors used in your logo need to be the same as the ones used while designing your visiting card, letterhead, website, etc. Anyone should be able to look at the colors and identify it to be YOU!

So get your company its right identity right at the start; you don’t want to change it few years down the line once you customers start identifying you with the existing logo. While your website and brochure can undergo updates, its best to maintain the logo in its existing form. So definitely invest in a dependable graphic design company in India to get your company a logo that represents your brand the best.

More Branding Options

Once the above basic elements are in place, you can consider other important options for branding, some of which include:

  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Standees and Banners
  • Social Media Content
  • T-Shirts
  • Advertisements

Once your company has started making profits, it’s a good time to invest in more branding options.