Are you tired of loading lengthy modules that you need to complete for your appraisals or studies?  Are you used to seeing the unwelcome blank screen in place of your prized module due to poor network coverage and the sheer size of the files? Then fret not, micro-learning is the perfect fix for you. A lot of elearning companies in Mumbai are now moving towards micro-learning.

So what is micro-learning? How is it different from e-learning?

Micro-learning are the same e-learning modules further broken down to smaller modules. SO while an e-learning module is usually between 30 minutes to a few hours in length, micro-learning modules are 10- 15 minute modules in length. They are literally tiny bursts of e-learning modules J

Is Micro-Learning Effective?

Let’s try to understand this through a real-life example.

While eating food, do you gulp large portions of food or do you chew it into granular pieces to swallow it? Definitely the second one. Well, micro-learning is just that. It’s about breaking down the learning into multiple small related modules instead of one large chunk of information. That’s definitely more effective as it helps you to grasp information one-at-a-time and thus retain it for longer duration.

Importance of Micro-Learning

With the development in standard of living, individuals are now open to travel long distances for better job opportunities. A major part of a white collar job involves commuting to distant locations for work. While network connectivity is not at its best while traveling, micro-learning files can be easily loaded with minimal Internet network. These are an ideal fit for learning using the smartphone. Most of the e learning companies in India and abroad are now forced to consider micro-learning keeping in mind this need and lifestyle of Gen Z.

Keeping this in mind let us acquaint ourselves with some major benefits of micro-learning:

  • Bite­-size learning / non-bulky – According to scientific research our brain is more suitable at absorbing small fragments of information in comparison to larger chunks of data. Our younger self is well acquainted with this situation – remember those boring half an hour long lectures at school? Micro-learning true to its name aims to feed us with lesser information over a period of time which can be perceived and retained much better. Most of the e learning companies in Mumbai second this fact based on feedback received for micro-learning courses developed and deployed.
  • Mobile friendly content – This is one of its most significant benefits, which can almost be credited as the reason behind this form of learning being in vogue. Nowadays, we do almost everything on our mobiles, especially study and read. So a yay for the small sized, easily loadable module available in your pocket? Yes, of course!
  • Encouraging learner engagement and better retention of concepts – Micro-learning doesn’t leave space for beating around the bush as far as providing knowledge on a topic is concerned. Crisp, correct information, which the learner is able to use and retain is the end goal here.
  • Quick development and quicker deployment – Duration of the modules vary anywhere between 60 seconds to 15 minutes therefore requiring a shorter development cycle. An added benefit of this is a quicker deployment cycle with the material being substantially smaller in size.
  • Easier accessibility – The content can easily be shared as podcasts as well as on online posts. The end users can access them across different platforms and devices.
  • Ease in updating – Company policies and processes change, education syllabus change, areas of training change. Thus, it is obvious that elearning content or micro-learning content will have to be updated frequently. Micro-learning modules have an upper hand over e-learning modules with the latter being expensive and time consuming to update. Since these are smaller chunks of data, it’s easy to keep them updated.

Considering the new lifestyle, it can safely be said that micro-learning is the need of the hour. Thus, elearning development in Mumbai is going through changes and adapting to micro-learning. Join us, embrace the change!