Regularly generating awesome content ideas is one of the toughest challenges bloggers face. Every blogger, no matter how good faces a writer’s block after a point. It is only natural to be exhausted of ideas especially if you are consistent with blogging for your business. There can only be so much that you can think to write about. The number of blogs published every day in the world as displayed on Worldometers’ counter as based on the latest statistics provided by is close to three million. To narrow it down, even right now as you read this blog, there are countless blog writers in India hitting the publish button and making their myriad blogs posts available. At this rate while staring at your computer screen, you might reach a point at which you either run out of good ideas or find it difficult to discover an uncharted territory in blog content.

So the next time you feel you are a part of a blogging rut and are struggling to find your way out, consider the following five simple strategies for making it easier and you might as well land up with the next blog idea!

  1. Derive Content from Inspiration

Sometimes focusing on the problem only makes it more difficult to solve it than actually taking your mind off it. When you have a writer’s block, you reach a saturation point where it is nearly impossible to milk out any more ideas. So stop worrying about the blog idea. Enjoy doing something that relaxes you. Give your brain cells a well-deserved break. Go for a run, experiment with food, listen to music, tick that movie off the list, open this month’s magazine, solve today’s puzzle newspaper or go meet that old friend you have been ditching for long. Because you never know where your next source of inspiration can come from! You won’t realize when you stumble upon or come across a baby thought that’s gradually nurtured in your head and after a while you will find yourself in the middle of your next blog.


  1. Switch Formats

You don’t have to limit your blog to just words. Curate something fun to deliver the same message. This could be coming up with comics, infographics, videos or memes expressing visually in an interesting way. This would alter your thinking perspective making it easier for you to churn out ideas represented in a different manner. You could revisit your old blog posts and add visual representations with updated information on the same topic and publish again. This is also known as repurposing content, which is more not less than you think.


  1. Sometimes a New Perspective Can Be Refreshing!

There is no rule that you should be the only one contributing to your blog content. Get a guest post featured on your blog. This is a two way win. The guest blogger gets exposure to your audience while you can be assured of a good post at a time when you are unable to produce one while offering your audience a different material. You can team up with other colleagues or friends to avoid a burn out so that each of you can contribute to the blog individually. You could even brainstorm with different people as different minds think differently and you will discover new ideas that didn’t occur to you. If you can’t figure out anyone to help you with it, you could even use the services of the many available blog writers in Mumbai.

  1. Read Recent News

News is something that is always definitely changing on many aspects. Focus on your industry specific news to keep up with new trends and events that can be incorporated in your blog posts. Scan the news and when you encounter a relevant piece, make it the focal point of your next blog. A potential blog idea could stem from a news article and can be used to relate to your readers with a well-structured brief, additional information and takeaways. A fragment of information from a news article could end up being the centerpiece of your blog post.


  1. Don’t Write – Read – Write

Confused? Well this is a three step process that almost always works to help you generate a idea by the end of it. If you can no longer think of what to write, don’t write. Take a break and just read. Read random popular blog posts of other bloggers, articles nowhere close to your chosen field and books on genres that you haven’ explored. You could even follow some of the best blog writers in Mumbai to read and understand their content to let some fresh ideas enter

A steady diet of reading fed to your mind helps it stay active, making an entrance into a creative mode and triggering inspiring ideas. But now that you end up with potential ideas don’t just let them wander in your head with faith on your retention skills. Ditch the tempting “I’ll note it down later.” statement and force yourself to jot down these precious ideas as soon as they strike you. You don’t want to deal with a void in your memory later even if it meant noting down the point at the back of a napkin. With the skeleton ready, you can now go ahead and add some meat to your content.


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