A brand is your organization’s marketing identity. It offers you some assistance in distinguishing from other market players who offer the similar services and products as you. An organization’s brand identity is a lot more than just a logo. It is deep-rooted in memorable slogans, colour palettes, design elements, packaging, and you’re marketing voice and tone. Every one of these components together helps you in establishing a solid brand uniqueness which in turn helps gain brand acknowledgment.

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Whether you utilize traditional advertising tactics like print media or direct mailing or digital platforms to endorse your business, brand consistency across all advertising platforms is crucial.

When your customers require an item or service in your industry, you want your business to be the first thing they think of. That objective will be difficult to accomplish if you don’t have a reliable, tight brand identity.

You don’t want to confuse your customers and clients when they are being introduced to you.

Consumers pay heed to specific components, however can’t always recall all the details. For instance, you meet a potential customer at an event and give them your business card which includes a huge, red, square logo. A couple of weeks later, that individual feel the need for our service so they google the name and go to the company webpage. Now, if they see that same huge, red, square logo they feel assertive that they’ve come through to the right company website. But if, on the site the logo is now in green instead of red, they will feel confounded and wonder if this is in fact the same individual and organization they had in mind.

Your brand is your face and it is intended to separate your business from your competition. At times it becomes difficult for a potential client to distinguish one brand from another in this very aggressive competitive market, particularly when packaging and products are virtually identical or keep changing. This is where brand consistency offers your business help in succeeding over the rival.

Your fonts, colours, etc. must be one of kind to your brand, and the vision and mission statement that characterizes your brand’s promise has to be consistent throughout all channels.

Consumers trust things that they are familiar with, hence a consistent brand identity makes your business appear to be more honest to goodness.

When your target audience hears and sees your brand’s consistent message, it strengthens your exclusive offerings in their minds. By knowing what they can anticipate from your image, and listening to it numerous times, they will start to dole out a trust and higher value in your company and it demonstrates that your business is very important to you.

Brand consistency is the way to constructing a powerful and strong brand!