How to Create Attractive Video Simulations in Online Learning Courses

A simulation is the illustration or impersonation of the procedure of any learning activity in a successful way.

Most e learning companies in Mumbai use simulations to help learners practice more and additionally permit them to take in the subject in a virtual domain. Here the “View-Attempt-Do” system is used, where the learners can watch and view the steps which are included in the application, attempt the guidelines by ‘online supervision,’ and then perform the assessments by themselves.

Though there are countless e learning companies in India, trust the technically advanced team of Stylus where simulations are created by means of tools like Articulate Storyline, Camtasia, Flash, Adobe Captivate, etc. to bring alive the character that you had a vision of. Some significant elements to produce attractive video simulations are:


Occasionally learners can find the content exceptionally boring and dry; then they might avoid the content without perusing. Characters in a re-enactment can be used to connect with learners and they enthral the learners all through the course. By this we can guarantee that learners can better comprehend the content and take in more without missing essential data. Characters will act as a flawless aide/tutor for the learners and keep up an association with the learners. Highly experience illustrators form a part of the graphic design team at Stylus – a leading graphic design company in Mumbai. These characters help in streamlining complex content and also in highlighting learning.

Small-Size Videos:

We can begin an e- learning course with some short video recordings enlightening what the re-enactment is about and how it will help learners furthermore in which angles. These small recordings or videos can likewise be useful for new representatives, by giving the data on how they can check employee information, their profiles and how to utilize the leave structure, etc. In this manner, these recordings will help learners to comprehend the content and idea in a powerful way.


Audio is one of the essential components in simulations. We utilize audio to clarify the steps and procedures in the simulation clearly. We should keep up the harmonization between on-screen content and the audio to create compelling online courses.

These components can likewise be utilized to show the use of products or applications.

Demonstrate the Use of Applications:

These recreations help the learners with a chance to watch and follow the steps such as how to do, which choices to choose, what he/she can do, etc. Here, it gives clear guidelines about every one of the steps that are included in the course. Along these lines, the learners can feel calm to take in the course with no trouble.

In this way, every one of these components will help you in making appealing video simulations and draw in the learners to comprehend the idea in a viable way.