The new century word “blog” was introduced in the Oxford dictionary only in the 1990s.

A couple of decades ago, the word blog did not exist. Today, there are about 150 million blogs and people from all across the world share this unique platform to network, exchange information and express feelings. A general perception is that blogging is easy and anyone can become a blogger. This is true to some extent. Blogging is easy and indeed, anyone with a flair for writing and ability to express their thoughts through the web can become a blogger.Nonetheless to be a successful blogger and make profits from it, you need much more!

For example, there are multiple blog writers in Mumbai, but how many of them are actually successful? Just a few, who take it up seriously, regularly publish blog posts, have something worth sharing and can write original content. According to the research done by e-Marketer in August 2010, nearly 40% of US companies use blogs for marketing purposes. This has called for the need of content writing companies in Mumbai who specialize in providing blog writing services. You will also find various freelance content writers in Mumbai providing this high demand service.

So how can a blog help you as an individual?

  • Find a Better Job​

Blogging is writing about your passion, areas you have knowledge about. What better than to blog about the area you work for? For example, as a software developer, you can have a blog site related to software or technology. If you blog consistently, it shows your dedication, passions, creativity and knowledge – all of which are key attributes employers look for in job candidates. Self-explanatory, isn’t it?

  • Improve your Writing

An active blogger indulges in constant writing and continuous updates. In other words, the more you write the better you become as a writer. It may also be the fastest path to becoming a published writer, since publishers would rather give contract to blogger with a built-in audience than a newcomer.

  • Express your Feelings

When the world is crashing down on you and you just don’t have the strength to share your story with your loved ones, a blog can surely come to the rescue. You can always express your feelings and opinions about a specific situation as an anonymous blogger, and you’ll be surprised with the responses you receive. If you are lucky you may find a solution to your problems through some of the comments, while the other comments may give you strength to just face the situation. However, make sure you don’t go overboard and narrate your entire personal life history over a blog. Draw a line between what part of your life remains private and public. Narrate situations, share opinions, express feelings through poems, but don’t go around sobbing all the time on the blog… that will just put the reader off.

  • Share your Talents

Are you a great cook? An artist? A poet? Or a science or tech geek? Then why not share your talent with the world and receive compliments for it? If your blogs have a good enough fan-following you can also use Google AdSense to get paid for your online blogs through advertisements.

So isn’t it great to have a blog? Well of course you need to have lots of time on hand to manage one, but it’s worth the effort.

Now, let’s explore on how a blog can help you as a company?

  • Begin a Venture

Writing blogs usually starts as a hobby, but if pursued sincerely can become a full time business. Established bloggers like Pat Flynn suggests that if you have a steady job, start writing blogs during free time. He was laid off from work and within a year his blog become a $100,000 business. Though his is not a typicalexample, it is an inspiring story for all aspiring bloggers.

  • Expand your Current Business​

Blogging is a great way of networking. A regularly updated blog attracts a continuous stream of good leads from across the globe as compared to a static website. Expert anddetailed blogs help to build trust and respect with potential clients, which are vital if they are interested in hiring your services/business.

  • Continuous Learning​

Bloggers continuously share their views and thoughts with their readers. To be able to write interesting and factual content, bloggers usually need to do a lot of research. This helps them stay updated and builds up their learning sphere. Since blogs are open to reviews and comments, there is a lot to learn from the viewers too. You can learn a lot about the readers through their comments, tweets and posts on the forums. Furthermore understanding readers/potential customers is invaluable. Companies actually spend so much money and time testing their products and services within a target audience. As a blogger, achieving this type of feedback is a daily routine and a natural consequence.

If not yet bitten by the blogomania bug, hop into the bandwagon and start blogging – Ah ha… once started, it’s addictive! Be careful…