Blog, blogging, blogger are the words that have taken the world by storm. It has changed the way businesses do marketing and individuals connect. Blogging has transformed the way people express their opinions, ideas and thoughts on the Internet.

From just a hobby to serious income each month, blogging has come a long way. So if you have a passion for writing and fresh ideas come naturally to you, this may be the ideal career option.You are all ready and set to join the band wagon of blog writers in Mumbai. The question is – how do you start writing a blog?

That’s a logical question to have, and the next ones to follow may be – Do you need to be technically advanced? Or any particular skills required? Is there an age limit for bloggers?

The interesting part is that starting a blog is extremely easy and does not require any technical skills.Basic computer knowledge and Web navigation skills will help.

We will make this easy and provide you with tips on how to set up a blog. First, let’s put some of your worries at rest… shall we begin?

Can I Blog?

Are you one of the successful content writers in Mumbai? If not, don’t worry – that’s not the main requirement. Can you write an error free and easy-to-understand e-mail or essay? Well, then you can blog. There is no age-limit and no educational qualification required. A blogger can be a homemaker juggling between kids and cooking or a student that removes some time from his academics,professionals on the go, or a retired person.

What do I Blog About?

What do you enjoy talking or discussing about? These discussions can actually become your blogging topics. Always write about subjects that you are passionate and fond of. If there is no specific idea that you can think of, start blogging about your hobbies, daily activities or memorable moments.

How do I Start my Blog?

So you have started penning your ideas?Now, how would you actually post it on the Web to generate an audience? You will need a blogging platform like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.These are recommended for following reasons:

  • Can be easily set up
  • Free themes and outlines to choose from
  • Makes it easy to write blog posts
  • Provides options to add images and pictures to make the blog appealing
  • Allows readers toshare and review your blogs
  • It’s FREE

Get on to any of these online blogging sites, create your account, select your theme (site look-and-feel) and start blogging. Each site will have its own method of starting up the blog. Read through the easy-to-follow instructions they have and voilá! Your blog is all ready to hit the market.

Shall I Opt for a Free Blog or Self-Hosted Blog on my Domain?

This is an important decision that you need to make before moving forward.

What is a domain name and why does a blogger need a catchy one? A domain name is your IP address and is used in the URL to identify web pages. Does it soundmore complicated with the terminologies used?  Let’sunderstand this with an example. If you choose WordPress as your blogging platform, your domain name/blog address will be <yourblog> Here <yourblog> can be anything you choose based on what your blog is all about. The limitation here is limited space and access to free themes that many others would use. These are recommended for individual bloggers.

On the contrary, you can opt for a self-hosted blog on your own domain. This will give you the liberty to personalize your domain name with unrestricted bandwidth. These are recommended for companies using blogs for marketing purposes or individuals who have opted for blogging as their career.

Make sure that your domain names are not long or too common or difficult to remember. Readers happily recommend blogs to friends and families if they can remember the blog name.

How do I get Domain Name and Hosting?

This is required only if you have opted for the self-hosted blog option. You can purchase blog domains and hosting from any of the online service provides lie Godaddy, Aalphanet, etc. These companies offer you space (hosting) for your blogs to be saved and viewed.It is recommended that you get your domain name and blog hosting from the same company itself as it saves time and money.

Once you have met the above requirements, all that is left is selecting a suitable theme for your blog. Consider themes that look professional, user friendly and can be customized easily. Remember the theme is viewed as an extension of the writer and affects his/her credibility and authority.

And that’s about it…

So put on your thinking hat and let this creative journey begin…