Everyday technology advances further ahead, and how we receive and send information must change along with it.

During the Covid pandemic, we are required to be productive while working from home. Even schools and colleges have started teaching online. Our time in the lockdown has made us realise how technology can help to continue with our studies and office work while sitting at home. Similarly, we also need to upgrade our skills and be ready to learn a few new trends in line with emerging technologies.

Courseware development in India is quickly changing to complement the new world. There are new trends that have given rise to new innovations in learning techniques. Courseware are now being designed considering the major technological shifts. Stylus Solutions, one of the courseware design companies in Mumbai has observed the following learning trends so far in 2020.

  • Mobile Learning

An increasing number of people are gaining access to mobiles phones with Internet connectivity. Therefore, today, mobile phones are a significant part of how we gather and share information. It has allows people to learn from anywhere and anytime, even within the comfort of your home. Due to the ease of accessibility, education is tapping into distribution content through this platform, and it has even proved to deliver better learning opportunities (compared to traditional learning methods).

  • Immersive Technology

Technologies, such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), are expected to create newer learning trends. AR technology can provide you the learning materials through effective images and graphics. VR technology, on the other hand, helps in creating a virtual world—which can be real or imagined—and allows users not only see it but also interact with it. Hence, immersive technology has become extensively useful in training. This kind of technology helps learners to go beyond the walls of a school—to places they would otherwise not be able to go.

  • Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning is a new concept , which is now trending worldwide. It is something that allows you to enhance your skills through imagination. It can efficiently teach your mind to practice, concentrate, take risk, while enhancing your problem-solving skills. Major corporations often use game-based learning to improve knowledge and skill-development among their employees. Many organisations have successfully integrated game-based training modules to be used in corporate training to enable intensive level of education.

  • Big Data in Learning

If technology keeps on changing, you also need to evolve and improve your skills. Big data is the new trend which is generally applied to collect and analyse information and transform it to a suitable format.

This is mainly used in organizations for training employees. Big Data techniques can gather learners’ performance and analyse where they are having difficulty absorbing information. This improves training and each learner can gain from personalized learning.

  • Video-Based Learning

How many times you have watched a tutorial video instead of reading content about the products and services? Video-based learning helps in better communicating and explaining compared to textual format. With the growth of video-content platforms, sharing videos has become easy. For example, YouTube has billions of viewers who watch their videos every day. Video is simply more engaging and can hold your attention for a longer time. You can also learn through videos on your mobile phone or personal computer.

As a growing organization, you need to keep a track with the most recent trends in learning technologies so that you can improve your learning process. These new trends will help you to offer better training courses to learners and keep them updated with the latest information. Stylus Solutions, one of the leading courseware design companies in Mumbai can help you to incorporate these new learning trends. It offers sophisticated courseware designed to deliver effective training for your target audience.