From a fresher at work to a pro-professional, we all make mistakes. There are certain graphic mistakes that can ambush a designer and cause intentional harm to a project.

Stylus, graphic design company India, has assembled some critical mistakes that graphic designers need to keep an eye for:

  1. Vague understanding of instructions

While it is the prerogative of the clients to give clear instructions, it also the responsibility of the designer to ensure that they have deciphered the needs clearly. In fact, designers and clients must maintain clear and open lines of communication so as to ensure clarity of directives.

  1. Restricted though process

While the clients have given instructions on what exactly they need, the designer must ensure that they do not restrict themselves to tried and tested designs. Take the leverage and think outside the box. Experiment and try out things. Not everything will work, but nothing will work either if you do not try.

  1. Excessive design and colors

Designers love to play with colors and fonts. While these tools give a personality to the design, over using them is a strict no-no. A single font add continuity, which is good; multiple fonts distract. ‘The more the merrier’ sadly does not work with colors.

  1. Accept criticism

Who likes their work given negative reviews? However, constructive criticism is important because it offers scope of improvement and adds value. Develop a positive and healthy attitude towards all types of feedback to stay motivated and focused.

  1. Grammar

Sentences with grammatical errors are a big turn off. Although a minor errors like missing a comma may not seem like a major issue, getting the content proofread before designing is a great work ethic.

  1. Resistance to learning new tools

If a thing worked in the past, does that mean it will work in the future too? Our world and technologies are evolving at an alarming rate. This calls for upgrading skills by learning new software, embracing and developing new skills.

  1. Love your work

A heartbreaking mistake that designers make is not enjoying their jobs anymore. Find ways to keep falling in love with your work. Help, train and mentor people in your team. Develop new skills, hobby and find a passion. Also, give yourself the much deserved break regularly.

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