We are all aware of how technology has been making a huge impact on the way we live. From how we order food to how we shop and from how we seek entertainment to how we holiday. The field of education is no different.

Considering the need for digitalization and its effect, the latest trend to take over the field of education is STEM which stands for the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STE basically implies the designing of curriculum purely based on these four domains.

When it comes to education, technology-based learning is the prevalent trend and many schools have consciously started designing their curriculum based on STEM. This is to foster the budding learners’ interest in these vital subjects that open an array of opportunities for higher education.

All these years, the four disciplines have always been taught as individual subjects. This worked in favour or against depending on the learners’ interests and capabilities. The major drawback identified was that learners were unaware of how these could be merged for a cohesive learning experience.

Through STEM education, concepts taught in separate subjects are integrated to emphasis on the application of the theories learnt in real-life. A unit learnt in STEM will focus on a real world problem and motivate young minds to derive a practical solution. The system also aims to channel budding learners towards project based learnings. The focus in STEM is not simply learning but application of knowledge as well.

Stem encompasses within itself an array of disciplines that fall under each subject. The several areas include all kinds of engineering degrees, such as aerospace, electrical, computer, chemical and nuclear; physics, nuclear physics and robotics. Please note that this is a non-exhaustive list and the possibilities of a fulfilling career option through STEM are endless.

It is interesting to note that opportunities arising with STEM education are within one of the fastest growing industries from all across the world. While global companies are struggling to keep up with the current demand in the various domains of stem, the best way to meet future requirement is to build a strong STEM foundation through a well-planned curriculum where learners are exposed to the domains of STEM all throughout their learning years.

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