Stylus Solutions is a leading company in academic editing and proofreading services. To date we have successfully proofread academic writing of all types like, thesis, journals, research papers, journals and application letters.

With knowledge of domain styles and expertise in correcting grammar errors, academic papers are assigned to academic editors and proofreaders. The editors work to improve the content by offering better choice of words and rewriting if and when necessary. They also engage the author by commenting on unclear passages and may also question the source of ay statistic or content that needs verification. Reviewers may also add and delete content based on the latest trends in the industry.

What are academic papers?

  • Research Papers

Research or topic papers, the writer is expected to either choose from a list of topics or write on a topic provided.

  • Thesis Statements

A thesis is the main argument of the paper. Look at the example below:

The history of India is very interesting and complex. (Vague sentence. There is probably no country whose history isn’t interesting.)

The history of India indicates a 200 year battle fought against the British for freedom. (Corrected by academic editor)

  • Introductions and Conclusions

Aristotle was an intelligent man. (The name can be replaced with anyone’s name and it will still make sense.)

Aristotle was an intelligent man who masterfully versed in the works of the sophists, the pre-Socratics, the medical writers, as well as Greek lyric, epic, and drama, and the various constitutions of his world. (Corrected by academic editor)

  • Citation and Academic Honesty

Give due credit to the original writers for/if their work/idea is used in any academic paper.

  • Bibliography

For all the text cited, create a bibliography at the end of the paper to credit the author.

  • Presentation and Format

Let the paper display the effort that has gone into creating it. Presentation and format will develop reader confidence in the subject and the matter.

  • Concluding Remarks

End your academic paper with a confident after thought and a great takeaway for your reader.

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