A blog trackback is adding reference of another blog in your blog. It is basically a silent promotion of multiple blogs in one and is followed by content writers in India to silently promote their write-ups.

Also known as a blog conversation, trackbacks weave or link two or more blog entries together. For example, a blogger, writes an article on – The Dangers of Excessive Exposure to Sunlight. A second blogger, writes about – How to Protect Oneself in the Harsh Sun.

In this scenario, the second blogger adds the link of the blog written by the first blogger. When the blog is published, it leaves a trackback on the first blogger’s post. This trackback mostly appears in the comment section as a URL of the first blog.

In most cases a trackback is automatic, while in some it needs to be done manually.

How to create trackbacks

If the blogs are hosted on the same blog hosting platform, simply add your link in the blog and a trackback will automatically be sent to the other blog. However, if the two blogs are hosted on different platforms, you will need a permit to obtain the trackback URL from the other blog.

This permit is usually found at the bottom of the blog post. It is vital to remember that not all blogs provide the option of trackbacking.

How to garner readership through trackbacks

Once you trackback, you are leaving the link of your blog on someone else’s write-up. This in turn translates to the fact that people who read the original blog are likely to click on your link too. Also, trackbacks are an interesting way of saying, “You can read more about this blog in my blog.” You will hopefully get noticed by viewers who will click on the link and read your blog as well.

Trackbacks let other bloggers know you’ve joined the conversation. It is a courteous tap on the shoulder to your fellow bloggers along with the additional benefit of self-promotion rolled into one.

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