Many people have a hard time distinguishing between content and technical writing. Now, they both obviously deal with writing. Duh! The main difference between the two is the style of writing. These two are actually two sides of the same coin. Stylus Solutions, one of the leading elearning companies in Mumbai, has a mix of both content as well as technical writers. Let’s clarify the two for you.

Content writing is more of a generic form of writing, while technical writing is a more specific form. The role of a content writer is vast; it may include writing on any topic – history, management, lifestyle and even technology. Companies hire content writers with the expectation that they would have some flair in their writing and be creative and persuasive while delivering concepts, procedures and facts. On the other hand, technical writing is about technology and gives directions on how to use products. Technical writers are employed to write about the concepts, procedures and facts of complex topics, which involve the use of technical and specific terminology. In technical writing, the complex methodology needs to be defined in a clear and comprehensive manner, enabling the end user to understand. Thus, it is necessary for a technical writer to possess the right technical know-how of a specific field.

The usage of phrases, idioms and fancy words that we see in content writing is usually absent in technical writing, where the writing is more formal and straight forward. In content writing, the writer generally explains a concept; whereas, a technical writer gives clear directions for the use and deployment of the content. Technical writing typically informs people how something is done, the process involved in the phenomenon or its analysis, how it works and instructions of its handling. For example, a content writer can write about computer as a modern technological device but he/she won’t be able to write about the technical aspects of computers like hardware, software and coding. However, a technical writer could define different programming languages, explain the function of each integrated chip or put into plain words the working mechanism of Liquid Crystal Display.

The distinction between the two still seems a bit hazy? Don’t worry! Connect with us to experience the finest e-learning content development, in Mumbai for all your writing needs.