A brochure is not just a brochure. It is a platform for you to display your work in print design. Knowing when to use what type of brochure can make the difference between a sale and a lost customer.

Let’s look through the top 4 brochure design types that graphic design company India or elsewhere use according to specific purposes and line of work.

  1. Corporate Brochures

A corporate brochure is an effective tool to explain your company’s vision and mission. They are used when you need to introduce your company to someone new, such as potential customers or funding agencies, and are usually tri-fold. It contains the basic facts about your organization – the services you provide, who’s in charge, your partners, history of the company, how you can be contacted, etc.

  1. Informative Brochures

An informative brochure, as the name suggests, provides information and/or instructions on a specific topic. It is generally bi-fold, enabling large text space. So, if there’s something specific, a step-by-step guide you want to convey to people, this is the perfect brochure for you. For example, if you want to instruct people on how to take care of a particular plant or want to educate them about the symptoms and treatment of diabetes, you could use this brochure.

  1. Product Brochures

This is one of the most popular and widely used brochure types. It is used for promoting and presenting business materials, such as product samples or business cards. A product brochure is designed in such a way that the promotional materials are protected inside while keeping the material organized.

  1. Photography Brochures

When it comes to showcasing your brilliant and creative work, photography brochure is the go-to brochure type. It is mostly in a booklet format; thus, allocating large space for imagery that would not be possible in the standard bi- or tri-fold brochures. For a brochure with a high page count that needs to be formal, professional and long lasting, this is the ideal brochure type.

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