The technique of mind mapping is a very effective practice that is widely used to create, visualize and organize ideas. This technique involves creating a graphical illustration of an idea, very similar to that of a tree, harbouring the principal idea at its trunk and associated information on its branches. While it can be used to prioritize, arrange and memorize everyday tasks, content writers in India employ mind mapping for brainstorming ideas, creating effective visuals and problem solving.

What exactly is the technique of mind mapping and how can it work for writers?

Well, a simple mind map would be a drawing of the chief concept in the center of a page with related topics branching out, which in turn bifurcate into subdivisions and so on. The line of division is hierarchical and its continuation depends upon the quantity and relevance of the available information. Related branches are also connected to each other, which helps to realize the scope of the idea.

Let’s take the example of blogging. Blogging needs a steady flow of new content on a weekly basis. Now, it can be a bit difficult to whip out new ideas on a regular basis. This is where mind mapping comes into picture. By breaking down the blog posts into categories, you can now focus on the topics you want to cover within each category. After selecting a topic, you can then divide your main topic into subtopics. In this way, you can ensure that all the key points are covered within an article.

Apart from helping you to structure your individual blog content, mind mapping also helps to achieve overall marketing objectives. For example, you can ask yourself what is the main purpose of your blog? If the main purpose is to sell the products and services, make sure you’ve mentioned it more that once and mention all its necessary features and benefits. On the other hand, if the main purpose is to inform your readers about an upcoming event, mention the event name, date, place, etc. Other questions like who is your target audience, are the objectives being met etc. can help draft your map and thus address your questions.

Visual problems are known to be more convenient for brain to process and produce a much more intelligent response. The trick is to allow wild ideas to come in and avoid any critical judgement of them.

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