Blogging can be a lot of fun. It helps you to express your ideas and thoughts with a potentially broad audience. If done well, blogging can help you establish your business or earn money as a side hustle. The success of a blog lies in the number of visitors it can pull towards it. And, thus, the most asked question by almost all content writers in Mumbai (and all across the world, I guess!) is “how to increase blog traffic?”

First of all, you need to understand why you need to drive traffic to the blog. No matter how well-written your articles are, you have to drive traffic towards them to get noticed. Traffic will help you to showcase your service and gain more clients, which ultimately grows your business. There are many content writing companies in Mumbai, such as Stylus Solutions, whom you can contact to create a high-traffic blog for yourself or your business.

Let us learn some hacks to boost blog traffic.

  • Write a catchy headline

The title or headline of your blog is essential. A visitor notices the title first before deciding to read the article. You should ensure that your headline is awesome and catchy. It plays a vital role in sparking interest and driving people to your blog. It will also help you to gain visitors who will stick around to read your blogs.

  • Use keywords

Keyword research will help you draw a massive amount of traffic, if done correctly. If you know the keywords your target audience will be searching for, you can include them in your blog. This way, your blog will show up when someone searches for those keywords and improves your blog ranking. Alternatively, you could hire someone to help you out with SEO/SEM.

  • Create evergreen content

Evergreen content is a type of content that is always relevant and stays on the web forever. It is a problem-solving content that focusses on specific problems that people usually go through. Some of the examples of evergreen content are – How to boost blog traffic? How to earn money online? How to download videos?

  • Strategize your content

You need to write better content to drive more traffic. You can create content that meets a specific need. Focus on your audience issues, things they love and try to create content accordingly. You can also write about trending topics that are more likely to get searched.

  • Connecting with influencers

Influencers usually have a large audience base. They might send lots of traffic to your blog by promoting it in their network. Before asking for any favours, try to build a relationship with them beforehand. Try to provide them some value first before expecting anything in return. After a specific time, they will want to reciprocate and may recommend you to their audience.

  • Target long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords consists of three or more phrases that are very specific to the services that you offer. They are easy to target and generally have less competition. Long-tail keywords help you to rank higher in the search engine. Type a phrase and check Google’s autocomplete suggestions. You need to make a list of all those suggestions and check which phrase drives more traffic and has less competition. Try to include them in your content.

  • Promote via social media

Most people spend their time on social-media as its very engaging with its content. You can promote your content on social media through ads, links, etc. You can also add images to make it visually attractive. An interested person coming across your article is bound to click it. Social media campaigning provides massive exposure and boosts your blog traffic significantly.

  • Capture email address

Once you finally attracted a visitor, always try to get their email address. You need to make sure your blog post has a data capture form. This form can be displayed using a sidebar, pop-up box, or simple call-to-action to join your mailing list. It would be best if you listed out benefits the visitors will get by becoming your subscriber. Instead of a simply “Enter my mailing list” call-to-action, highlight the massive value they will get by joining your network.

The tips mentioned above will increase your blog traffic but your primary focus should be on creating a quality content that will keep your readers engaged. Creating a highly successful blog is not a cakewalk or a quick money-making scheme. You need to work hard and smart every day to stand a chance against hundreds of blogs that provide content on the same topic. If you feel this is too much work, let us help you handle this. You can connect with Stylus Solutions, one of the leading content writing companies in Mumbai, that can help you to create highly engaging, successful and high-traffic blogs for your business or personal use. You can also visit us at or mail us at [email protected].