Delnaz Edulji — the Managing Director and CEO at Stylus Solutions Pvt. Ltd. — was invited by STC India to conduct an online training session on micro content. The session was held on 6th of July, 2020 in association with STC India, a platform that plays a key role in educating technical communication professionals in the country. In this one hour session, Delnaz — having more than 17 years of experience in the writing and academia industry— shared her knowledge on the new and emerging concept of micro content.

The session was conducted in an interactive manner, encouraging maximum participation of the audiences. She began by asking the participants to list down their daily schedules on a working day. This exercise helped bring to attention that with our daily schedules that include traveling, working and competing household chores, a lot of us are pressed for time and are not able to spend a lot of time in reading long-form content. Thus, there is a need for providing short and crisp content.

Through the session, Delnaz emphasized on the concept of micro content and its emerging need in today’s fast paced lifestyle. She started with explaining the basic concept of micro content. Post this, Delnaz explained the purpose of creating micro content. She then highlighted the various advantages of using micro content.

To get a clear idea of how to create micro content, various examples of micro content were presented, such as Infographics, Video Clips, Illustrations, Memes, e-mail subject lines, brief email copy, etc. Participants were encouraged to create rough formats of micro content during the session to get a practical sense of the concept. Delnaz also shared some insights into how micro content is used in technology, through mediums such as chat bots, voice messages, search page results, etc. After this, she explained the various applications of micro content in writing, which include headings, links, collapsible text and pop-ups. Delnaz also shared some very helpful tips and tricks for creating micro content.

The session was concluded with a ten minute Q&A session to allow participants to clarify their queries. The online session ended on a fruitful note, having exchanged relevant and significant information.