Considering today’s lifestyle, most of us spend considerable time travelling. 90% of the people are seen browsing through their mobile phones while travelling, especially if they are not the ones driving. Nobody likes to read a long article or watch a one-hour video unless you find it interesting. While coming home from work, you first see what’s in your phone. After having a long-hour shift, you would like to watch a video that will conveys the message. This is where micro video content comes into picture.

With the increased usage of mobile phones, the demand for micro-content has increased. Micro content marketing is creating quite a buzz in content marketing. Let’s find out what it means.

What is Micro Content?

Micro content is a small piece of information that can be shared online. Its main goal is to convey information quickly and leave a long-lasting impression on the audience. It mainly focuses on the social media platform, which is a quick and popular method to get information out in today’s generation. Simply put:

Micro content is content that can be consumed within 10 seconds or less.

With the use of social media it is easier than ever to distribute content in this manner; however, there are certain points to keep in mind while doing that:

  • Know your platform:

Apart from having its own demographic audience, every social network platform has a certain format in which content can be shared. So, decide the format in which you want to upload your content and then select your platform.

  • Identify your audience:

Before developing the micro content, you need to always keep in mind why and for whom you are creating the content. Create content that connects and engages with your targeted audience. By providing value and problem solutions, you can easily earn their trust and turn them into potential customers.

  • Be effective:

You may not have to use words always. Decided how you want your content to be presented: words, videos, infographics, etc. Your target audience and the service you are proving will help you decide your medium. For example, if you are a graphic designing company, you may want to portray your message with interesting graphics or even comics; if you are a content writing company you can use catchy tag lines or infographics.

  • Optimize your content:

You need to optimize your content for SEO to make it searchable. Whenever a user searches for content, all it takes is well-crafted micro content to drive them to your website. Your SEO optimized micro content can play a vital role in driving traffic to your website through search engine results. Once they are on your website, your long-form content can keep them engaged and encourage them to subscribe to your services.

  • Keep it short:

Of course! Duh! Keep your content short and precise. The shorter the content, the more likelihood your message is going to get conveyed. In such situations, visual elements generally play a vital role.

But why is micro content required when you are already producing long-form content and advertising it on social media, right?

Why Do You Need Micro Content?

Micro content is about creating value or creating a sense of value that you will be able to offer the reader in the future when they avail of your services. Micro content can be used as a bait to grab the attention of your target audience.

  • It can get your point across to your clients within a few seconds. The best way to engage them is to provide shreds of information instead of sharing it all at once.
  • It helps in sharing content without compromising on cost and quality.
  • It can be used to solve a specific problem or answer a question for your target audience in a very short amount of space.
  • You can add a link or reference to your micro content that will take the user to the detailed blog, newsletter, e-learning course, product feature guide, etc., which can further turn into a positive business deal.

In this tech savvy world, if you want to boost your brand among a wider audience, you should consider investing in micro content. You can hire the services of professional micro content marketing companies, such as Stylus Solutions, and let us deal with the knickknacks of helping you achieve your marketing goals.

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